For The Community of Runners

My latest post is up over at the Smart Panel Blog, and I'm really proud of how it turned out. I was asked to choose a photo related to my hobbies and write about it, and of course it turned into a post about running. Check it out here and let me know what you think! 

You're probably going to see this picture posted forever and ever. 

Savvy Shoppers!

Hey all! My next post is live over at the Smart Panel Blog. It's a good one - all about shopping apps and extensions to make your life easier and save you money! You can check out the post here

For some reason, the links I included in my submission weren't included, so I've made a list for you here to easily find the apps I've mentioned in my post:

Ibotta (referral link!)

Walmart's Savings Catcher

Target's Cartwheel

Ebates (referral link!)

Honey (referral link!)

CamelCamelCamel (or Camelizer? They seem to use both)

Also, thanks to the 2+ hours I spent on the phone with our new work email provider's help desk guy (while he set up my Outlook and then we proceeded to watch computer on its slow descent into computer hell), I learned about a new site: Slick Deals. It's a crowdsourced page where you can find the lowest price for basically anything on the internet! 

Thoughts? Tell me about your favorite shopping apps and extensions in the comments! 

5 Things Friday: 4/1/2016

Since I haven't done a 5 Things Friday post in ages, I figured it was time for another one! 

1. Bakersfield finally opened in Pittsburgh, and Chelsea, Jenn, and I had dinner there this week. Run, do not walk, to this place as soon as you can! I had been to the location in Indianapolis and naturally, the Pittsburgh locale did not disappoint! Great food, great drinks, and great prices. Best of all, we found our long-lost favorite bartender there! You can probably find me a lot going forward! 

We split a pitcher of delicious margaritas!

The tacos come a la carte so you can try different kinds - perfect!

2. The Pittsburgh Marathon is exactly one month away. This is not an April Fools joke. Holy crap. There's still time to donate to my fundraiser - help us find a cure! 

3. I've got another post up over at the Smart Panel Blog - check it out and let me know what your thoughts are on the digital world we live in! 

4. REI and Pittsburgh Craft Beers are teaming up on April 18 for Hoppy Trails: Beer and the Outdoors. I'll be there along with a few friends - join us for this free event! 

5. I love listening to Podcasts while I run, and one of them does his own spin on a "5 Things Friday" at the end of each episode. Check out TJ Sullivan's e20 Podcast

What are you loving this week? Comment below (you know, since now I can actually see your comments again - oy) and tell me what you're digging this week! 

Exciting Announcement

A few months ago, I joined the Verto Smart Panel, a market research program where you install an app on your phone/tablet/computer that confidentially tracks your app and program usage. Your private data is always protected and encrypted - the app tracks how often you are on your devices, what types of apps you use most often and the average duration of each app's usage, etc. They use this information to help marketers determine best strategies for app development and advertising. Click here to complete a brief survey and see if you also qualify for the Panel! 

In exchange for participating in the Smart Panel, they pay you CASH MONEY! You earn money for each week you remain on the panel, and also earn additional bonus rewards for remaining on the Panel for 3 months, 6 months, a year, etc. You can transfer the funds to your Paypal account (to then transfer to your bank account if you want) or to your Amazon account.

When checking my rewards balance one day, I noticed a link to a call for Brand Advocates. It sounded interesting and fun and I completed the application. A few weeks later, I got an email inviting me for a brief phone interview, after which I was offered the position as a Brand Advocate!

As a Brand Advocate, I will be blogging over at the Verto Smart Blog. I will be writing about a variety of topics related to the Smart Panel, from how it works to earning rewards and more! You can check out my first post here

Do you participate in any market research panels like this? Have questions about the Verto Smart Panel? Comment below or over at the Verto Smart Blog!.