It's easy to take something for granted until it is taken away, and that's certainly true of health. As someone living with a chronic illness for which there is no cure, maintaining my health is pretty important. I've taken many important steps in my health and wellness journey that have had a big impact on my quality of life. 



I've been a runner since 2014, and in that time, I've run two marathons, 10 half marathons, and countless races of shorter distances. My favorite aspect of running is the incredible sense of community among runners, but ringing the PR bell is pretty fun too. 


In August 2016, I finally gave in and asked a friend about the nutrition she'd been using. It changed her life and man, has it changed mine too! Your health is the best investment you can make, and you can out-run a bad diet. Having convenient, delicious nutrition products delivered to my door is a game-changer.


Interested in learning more about my amazing nutrition company and how it can change YOUR life too? Contact me! I am so happy to share all of the solutions the company has at my disposal - weight loss, muscle gain, athletic performance, cellular cleansing, skin care, and more! I hate sleazy salespeople and promise never to add you to a million facebook groups you didn't ask to be part of - no pressure, just knowledge and great nutrition! 



I do not use Chiropractic to replace western medicine, and I'd have run screaming if my Chiropractor ever claimed he could cure or treat Crohn's Disease. However, Chiropractic is an important component to my wellness plan - they help keep my healthy and in tip-top running shape!


Finding the right performance products and race fuel can be really tricky. Thankfully, I've found a nutrition company that delivers the best stuff right to my door. Using them consistently has resulted in consistent improvement in my running and strength-building!